EV Charging Stations New Braunfels, TX

Electric Vehicle Charging Station Installation in New Braunfels & San Marcos, TX

Do you want the convenience of being able to quickly charge your electric vehicle at home? Call Hill Country Mechanical and ask about getting a dedicated electric car charging station installation for your home today.

As more people become environmentally aware, electric vehicles are becoming more popular. Unfortunately, most homes aren't equipped with dedicated electric car charging stations. That's where Hill Country Mechanical comes in.

Our expert electricians proudly serve the New Braunfels & San Marcos, TX areas. We can install a station in a convenient to access spot so you can quickly charge your electric vehicle without dealing with extension cords or other hassles.

Benefits of a Home Electric Car Charging Station

One of the first questions on people’s mind, when they buy an electric vehicle, is, “How am I going to charge it at home?” What most don’t know is that you can easily charger your car via a wall outlet, but having a dedicated charging station has several advantages, including:

  • FASTER CHARGING: Home level 2 chargers charge your vehicle quicker than a standard wall outlet
  • CONVENIENCE: Your vehicle will always be charged and ready to go the next day so you won’t have to stress trying to find a station while you’re out
  • CHEAPER: Some places charge a fee to hook up to their charging station. With a station at home, you save money.

Why a Dedicated Electric Vehicle Charging Station is Better

While you can charge your electric vehicle via any home outlet, we know this as Level 1 Charging, which means charging takes approximately 20 hours for a full charge depending on the vehicle. A dedicated charging station is a Level 2 Charger, which supplies 240V, similar to what your dryer or oven uses. Level 2 Charging allows for a greater range of charging speeds and can fully charge your vehicle quicker, which is better when you don’t have time to wait.

Questions to Ask Before Installing an Electric Vehicle Charging Station

So, you’ve purchased an electric vehicle and you want to install a charging station at home. Great! But before you do, ask these questions to avoid any headaches.

  • DO YOU HAVE THE POWER? Most homes pull either 100 or 200 amps of current which is fine for most uses. However, adding on an electric vehicle charging station increases your home’s power load, so be sure you have the headroom to accommodate the extra power needs. If not, you may have to upgrade to a 200 amp panel if you want to take advantage of a Level 2 Charger.
  • DO YOU HAVE THE SPACE? Make sure you have enough physical space on your electric panel.
  • DO YOU HAVE THE VOLTS? For an electric charging station, you’ll need 240V of power, and you should be in luck because most homes are already wired for 240, but double check to be sure.

A home electric car charging station installation makes owning an electric vehicle that much more convenient. Call Hill Country Mechanical today at (830) 221-7207 for service in the New Braunfels & San Marcos, TX area.